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Is There A Limit To How Many Books You Can Publish On KDP?

When Amazon initially launched Kindle Direct Publishing the world as we knew it changed for authors. Suddenly, there was a new and exciting opportunity to get the worlds we had envisioned in our minds out into the world. 

Is There A Limit To How Many Books You Can Publish On KDP?

And thanks to it, thousands of aspiring authors have been able to put their stamp on the world and fulfill their dreams of having a bright future in a writing career. And if you take advantage of this incredible platform, you too could soon become a bestselling author. 

If this is a dream of yours, you probably have a few questions floating around that brain of yours concerning the platform. And one of the most popular questions that I hear time and time again is ‘is there a limit to how many books you can publish?’

And you’ll be happy to hear that no, there is no limit. Yep! You can publish stories to your heart’s content. Yay.

It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that just because there isn’t a limit on the number of stories you can publish there are still a few restrictions on the amount of books you can keep in your review or draft stage.

Luckily, this value is a whopping 500 stories, so you shouldn’t run out of room any time soon. If you’d like to learn more about KDP and its limitations and restrictions…keep on reading. 

Can You Publish Unlimited Books On KDP? 

Technically, there isn’t any specific rule on the number of stories that you can publish on the platform, so I suppose yes you can. You’ll find a variety of different authors on the platform who have all published various numbers of books. For some, it’s just a few, for some a dozen, and others have options in the hundreds. 

There is a slight issue though. While you can upload an unlimited number of books, that doesn’t necessarily go to say that all of these books will be accepted by the platform.

You see the platform does have various restrictions that must be adhered to. If not, they won’t be accepted for publishing due to a breach of content guidelines. 

KDP reserves the right to reject any books that they believe go against these guidelines. So, I guess it isn’t exactly an unlimited number of books. 

What Might Stop Your Book From Being Published On KDP?

So, you’re probably wondering what kind of content is going to get your book rejected from KDP. After all, if you want your book to be read by the masses, you’re going to need to avoid making these mistakes. 

Below, you’ll find a list of the things that you cannot publish on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: 

  • Any content that is written with the intention to promote or advertise a specific product or service. 
  • Work that is illegal, infringes on copyright, or violates any laws or rights. 
  • Offensive content such as hate speech. Amazon will also remove any stories containing content they deem offensive or inappropriate. 

Essentially, anything published on the platform should provide a positive customer experience for the reader. Make sure your content reflects this or you may find that your book is rejected for publishing. 

How Many Books Can You Publish On KDP In One Day?

Is There A Limit To How Many Books You Can Publish On KDP?

Amazon allows you to publish up to 500 books on the platform each day. While a daily limit isn’t directly mentioned throughout their terms or conditions, we know this as one YouTuber actually hit the limit! 

The author had a whopping 500 titles in their review and draft stage and was told that they had reached their maximum limit for this time. The YouTuber actually documented his journey, so be sure to give that a watch to learn more. 

According to the video, once you reach this limit you’ll need to wait until a few of the titles have been approved by the platform before you can start anything new or upload any more titles. 

It’s also worth noting that submitting tons of new books at once might not be the best move for your career either. If you want to see your name popping up in the ‘New Releases’ category, you’ll want to space out your releases somewhat. 

I would advise waiting a minimum of a month before each new release of a book. If the book is performing well, you’ll also receive super valuable feedback from your readers that you can implement in your next release.

This will help you become more successful overall than throwing over a hundred different titles into the mix in one go. 

KDP Select

If you are planning on publishing lots of stories and taking full advantage of the unlimited potential then it may be worth upgrading your account to KDP Select. 

KDP Select will promote your stories much more effectively. Subscribers to the platform will find your content much easier and so you’ll increase your reach. It also means that your book will continue to be available for purchase in the Kindle store too. 

This can be a really great option for those intending to publish several books within a series. It can be the difference between a fairly consumed book and a bestseller, so it’s definitely something to consider. 

Can You Publish Short Books On Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing? 

Yes, you can! However, much like with longer novels, there are a few restrictions you’ll need to adhere to. There will be a minimum page count on printed books and it is recommended that you have a minimum of at least 2500 words since the platform has been known to remove books that contain fewer than this value. 

Recommended Word Counts For KDP

So, as I mentioned above the minimum word count required is at least 2500 words. This isn’t directly stated on the website, however, content at this value or below is often removed from the platform.

The only time this rule doesn’t apply is if you’re publishing a children’s book. 

Though this is the minimum word count, really stories should typically be a little longer. Below you’ll find a guide for recommended minimum word count: 

  • Non-Fiction – 10,000
  • Short Stories – 5,000
  • Young-Adult Novels – 50,000
  • Adult Fiction – 70,000
  • Compilation of Short Stories – 30,000 

Of course, keep this as a rough guide. Ultimately, the length of your book should be determined by the story itself and how easily it reads. Adding unuseful information or plot lines may negatively impact the pacing and story of your book. 

Final Thoughts 

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is the perfect way to self-publish your very own story to allow others to enjoy your work. And because of this, fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming a published author has never been easier. 

As you can see from this article, KDP really doesn’t implement particularly stringent restrictions on the number of stories you can publish either.

As long as they stick within the guidelines of the platform, the world is your oyster and there are plenty of opportunities to get several of your stories into the world. 

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