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8 Most Popular Book Genres That Sell From Kdp

Want to know which book genres are selling like hotcakes on KDP? This post has all the data you need to make informed decisions about your publishing strategy.

8 Most Popular Book Genres That Sell From Kdp

Are you a book lover? Do you love to read and explore different genres of books? Have you ever wondered what the most popular book genres are that people buy? Or maybe you are a writer wondering what genre to write about. Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’re gonna take a look at the top-selling book genres from KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). 

We’ll talk about why these genres are so popular and how readers can benefit from them. So if you want to know what book genres people are buying and why, keep reading!

Non Fiction 

Non-fiction books are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to selling books from Amazon’s KDP platform. This is due to the fact that non-fiction books usually contain practical information and advice that can be applied to everyday life. 

In addition to the practical information provided in non-fiction books, they are also relatively easy to write. Unlike fiction books, non-fiction books can be based on research, interviews, and other forms of information gathering. This makes it easier for authors to create content that is interesting and engaging. 

Furthermore, non-fiction books can be released in a variety of formats, including print and digital formats, making them easier to market to a wider audience. For these reasons, non-fiction books are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to selling books from Amazon’s KDP platform.

1. Biographies & Memoirs 

Biographies and memoirs are popular niches on KDP because readers are often looking for stories that are both personal and meaningful. They are looking to explore the life of another person, and to learn from their experiences and mistakes. 

The stories told in biographies and memoirs often have a lot of emotion, and readers can gain valuable insights into the human experience. The stories can also be inspiring and motivational, providing hope for readers to overcome their own obstacles.

Finally, biographies and memoirs can be entertaining, making them an attractive option for readers looking for a good read.

2. Self help 

Self help books are popular niches that sell from KDP because they provide readers with practical, actionable advice that can be applied to their daily lives. People want to learn how to become their best selves, build confidence and become more successful, and self help books provide them with the guidance they need to do that. 

Additionally, self help books are often written by experts in their field, giving readers access to reliable, trustworthy advice. The emotional and psychological impact of self help books can have a powerful and lasting effect, making them a popular niche for readers looking for guidance and solutions to their problems.

3. Cookbooks 

People are always looking for recipes to make delicious meals and by buying a cookbook they can access a wide variety of recipes. Additionally, cookbooks provide helpful tips and information on how to prepare the best meals. 

By providing step-by-step instructions, cookbooks make it easier for people to learn how to cook and become better in the kitchen. Furthermore, cookbooks can be an inspiration for people to try new recipes or techniques. For these reasons, cookbooks are a great niche that can be sold on KDP.

4. Travel Guides 

Travel guides provide helpful information about destinations around the world including historical sites, restaurants, hotels and more.

No matter which genre an author chooses to write in, it is important to create content that appeals to their particular audience. 

Researching the target market is essential in order to understand what type of book will resonate with them. Understanding the needs of the reader will help make sure that the book is successful when it goes on sale.


8 Most Popular Book Genres That Sell From Kdp

Fiction genres are the most popular when it comes to book sales. These genres offer something for everyone, from lighthearted escapism to darker thrill rides. Depending on the author’s style, these genres can also contain elements of adventure, horror, comedy or even drama.

They can be written for adults or young adults; some are even tailored specifically for children or teens. Fiction books are often easy reads; they don’t require much background knowledge like nonfiction books, making them attractive to casual readers.

No matter the genre or age group these books are intended for, one thing remains true: all fiction has the potential to be successful if it is written well and marketed effectively. A story that resonates with readers is likely to garner more success than one that falls flat due to poor writing or lack of promotion.

Aspiring writers should take time to understand their intended audience before writing a book in order to ensure their work stands out amongst all other fiction titles on the market.

5. Dystopian 

One genre that has really taken off in recent years is dystopian fiction. Dystopian fiction typically explores a world where society has been drastically changed due to an event or series of events. These stories often have a message of hope and resilience at their core, making them popular with both readers and reviewers alike.

6. Romance 

Romance stories are always in demand and they often have dedicated readers who follow their favorite authors. In fact, many of the most successful authors on KDP write romance novels.

Romance novels come in many types. Historical romances are one of the most popular; they usually tell an epic story of love and adventure set during a specific time period. Paranormal romances draw on supernatural elements to create tension and drama between the characters.

Contemporary romances are often set in modern times and focus on real-world issues affecting relationships today. Finally, romantic comedies provide lighthearted tales with plenty of humor and fun.

No matter what type of romance novel you choose to write, there’s a good chance it’ll sell well on KDP if you can capture your audience’s attention with an interesting plot and engaging characters. With so many different types of romances available, readers can find something to suit their tastes – ensuring that this genre remains as popular as ever!

7. Horror/Thriller 

Horror and thriller genres have been popular for decades, and they continue to be a top seller on KDP. These genres are great for suspenseful stories that keep readers hooked from beginning to end. 

One of the most popular horror/thriller genres is psychological thrillers. These stories typically focus on the inner workings of a character’s mind and their journey towards understanding their own motivations, often with dark elements included.

They usually involve mystery or suspense, making them great for engaging readers who love to solve puzzles. Another popular genre is horror fiction, which often involves supernatural elements like ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural forces. 

This type of fiction can be incredibly frightening, but it also creates an atmosphere of tension and excitement that makes it highly appealing to readers. Finally, another well-selling genre in this category is crime thrillers.

These stories focus on crime and investigation, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. With gripping plots and intense characters, crime thrillers offer something for both casual readers as well as those who prefer darker stories. 

8. Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Science fiction and fantasy have long been popular genres for readers. It’s easy to see why – these genres transport readers to exciting new worlds, with unique characters and stories that draw them in. Fantasy novels often focus on magical or supernatural elements, such as dragons, wizards, and mythical creatures. 

Science fiction usually takes place in a futuristic world where technology plays an important role. Both genres are full of adventure and action, making them highly enjoyable reads.

Science fiction and fantasy books often make great bestsellers due to their entertaining storylines and imaginative themes. Readers love the escapism these genres offer, allowing them to escape from their everyday lives for a while.

Some of the most popular science fiction authors include Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clarke; while J.R.R Tolkien is one of the most beloved fantasy authors of all time.

Marketing Strategies For Kdp Authors

When it comes to marketing books on KDP, authors need to know how to effectively market their books in order to maximize sales. To do this, they should consider utilizing a variety of different strategies.

First, authors should create an extensive marketing plan. This plan should outline what type of platform they are using, how often they are going to post updates and promotional material, and the goal for each marketing campaign. By having a plan in place prior to launching their book, the author can better ensure success with their book launch and beyond.

Second, authors should use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to promote their books. Social media is a great way for authors to reach out to potential readers by creating engaging content that will draw attention from followers and potential readers alike.

Additionally, authors can use social media platforms as a way to connect with other authors in the same genre or field of writing which could lead to increased visibility for their own book launch or future projects.


Overall, KDP is a great platform to use when publishing your book and there are many genres that prove popular. 

By formatting your book correctly and pricing it appropriately, you can reach more potential readers and increase your chances of success. Knowing the most popular genres that sell on KDP can also help you get started in the right direction. 

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