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Low Content AI Publishing Summit 2024

Thursday July 25th 9:00am NZT

Wednesday 24th July 5:00pm EST

Unlock the Secrets to Low Content Publishing Success!

Welcome to the Low Content Publishing Summit 2024! Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just starting out, this summit is your gateway to mastering the art of low content publishing. Dive deep into strategies, tools, and trends that will take your publishing business to new heights.

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Meet the Speakers

Gain insights from industry leaders who have mastered the craft of low content publishing. Learn from their experiences and strategies to boost your own success.

Sophie Howard

Using Newsletters to Promote Your Low Content Book

Launching MindMunchies, a new newsletter for low content publishers to promote low content books on Amazon.

Teddy Smith

Paid Ads

Teddy is an Amazon and ecommerce entrepreneur, YouTuber, and author.

Since 2019, he has been coaching ecommerce business owners and authors on digital sales, consulting for both individual sellers and major brands.

Teddy specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs get started, passionately guiding them from the daily grind of regular work into the exciting world of online entrepreneurship.

Seth Bailey

KDP Success Guide

Niche ideas, keywords, and custom interiors for low-content book publishers.

Publishers of all levels can benefit from our easy-to-use interiors, up to the minute research, and bonus tips and tricks to make money from the world’s largest marketplace.

Neil Lassen


Create And Scale A Book Publishing Business Without Writing A Single Word With Our Innovative Software Solutions:

Product Database, Trend Hunter, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Cover Creator, Puzzle Books, …and more!

Hank Marcacci

Low Content Keywords and Categories

Engineer turned Amazon bestselling author, Hank writes in several genres on Amazon KDP. As Product Manager of Publisher Rocket, he’s always on the lookout for how authors can better connect with readers who will love their work.

Kim George

How to Create Stunning Book Covers that Stand Out and Attract Buyers with AI!

Kim George is the founder of YourChicGeek, a website that features courses, templates and DIY materials that help side-hustlers and burned out coaches create EPIC digital products for passive income online. You can find out more about Kim by visiting Yourchicgeek.com, connecting with her on YouTube via Youtube.com/@yourchicgeek.

Dave Espino

AI for Coloring Books

Dave Espino has been marketing courses online for over 25 years. Specializing in courses about digital marketing strategies, Dave has more than 900,000 students enrolled in his courses in 190 countries around the world. Dave’s passion is serving entrepreneurs.

Taylor Haselton

How to create Scrapbook Paper/Craft Paper Pad Low Content Books with Amazon KDP

Hi! My name is Taylor Haselton. I started publishing books with Amazon KDP in December 2021 and decided to start a YouTube channel about making money online in January 2022.

I found Amazon KDP through YouTube when trying to find a way to publish my personal book for free. I learned that there are so many other ways to make an income online and well, here I am now! I am a horseback rider, racecar driver, wife, and we have a wonderful dog.


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