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Niche ideas, keywords, and custom interiors for low-content book publishers.

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What’s Included

PDF Guide

Upcoming holidays & events

Amazon keyword research

Low-content book ideas

"A Book a Day" schedule

Topics relevant to KDP publishers

Low-content book interiors

About The Current Issue

The current issue of the guide covers:

Niches That Sell During July.

Including Independence Day. Working 2 months in advance gives you plenty of time to make books for these niches!

Unique Evergreen Book Ideas.

Don’t miss out on these unique book types that have evergreen apeal.

5 Custom KDP Interiors.

Provided in ALL major formats (PDF, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher) with premium design by Pixel Pod Studio.

What Will You Get From This Guide?

An in-depth overview of holidays, events, and trending topics for the upcoming month, including Amazon keyword research, low-content book ideas, and even some interiors to get you started. The goal: 1 quality book per day.

Creative Concepts

Every month you will get a list of ideas which you can work through during the month. This will enrich your Kindle Direct Publishing inventory.

Bonus Topics

Each guide also includes an actionable bonus section covering topics like how to create an activity book or how to fill out your Amazon keyword boxes.

Actionable Advice

For each idea mentioned in the guide, you will get instructions on how to best utilize that idea and create books that have a high chance of selling.


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Interiors to Get You Started

Along with instructions, you will get as many as 15 unique book interiors you can customize for your own low-content books.

Increase Your Profit

The main goal of this guide is to help you get your Kindle Direct Publishing business to the next level, and increase your sales and profit month-by-month.

Who Is This Guide For?

Anyone who has ever struggled with what to research or has run out of niche ideas for their Kindle Direct Publishing business.


Are you new to low-content publishing on Amazon? Not sure what to make your books about? Then this guide is perfect for you.

Intermediate Publishers

Maybe you already have some books up on Amazon and you’re doing pretty well, but you’ve run out of ideas for topics. This guide is just what you need to get those creative juices flowing again.

Advanced Publishers

Perhaps you already have hundreds or even thousands of books on Amazon. You know a good niche when you see one. Check out the guide and you may find something that surprises you – a new idea you hadn’t thought of or a new area to dive head first into.

You only have to run with one novel idea for the guide to pay for itself many times over!