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Publishers of all levels can benefit from our easy-to-use interiors, up to the minute research, and bonus tips and tricks to make money from the world’s largest marketplace.

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Training and Advice

Beginners get step-by-step training on how to start a successful KDP business.

Custom Interiors

Our premium ICDP interiors are professionally designed by Pixel Pod Studio in ALL major formats (PDF, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher) and come with detailed instructions.

Expert Tips

Every month, we provide expert tips on how to understand and optimize your IMP listings, improve your ranking, and grow your business.

Monthly Content Guide

Every month, we provide in-depth research on the trending topics. holidays. events, and niches earn more money, right now.

Bonus Topics

Your monthly subscription also includes bonus topics like evergreen content. marketing bps, and more.

Success as a low-content publisher depends on your ability to stay ahead of the competition and attract readers with fresh, topical, creative content every month.

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The best research guide when it comes to kdp. You can never get enough research!”

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